Ear Candles by Louise

About ear candles


I have heard that Ear Candles drip wax into the ear and can burn my hair or skin. Is this true?

While this may have been true of earlier forms of ear candles, our ear candles certainly do not drip hot wax. They have a very thin layer of beeswax on cotton fabric. When using the ear candles the instructions explain how to trim the candle as it burns and how far to burn the candle down to. Ear Candles by Louise come with instructions enclosed.

I have used other brands of ear candles before. How are these different? 

Ear Candles By Louise:

  • Do not have a filter inside the ear candle The narrow tapered end (which sits in the ear) acts as a filter to stop big particles falling out of the ear candle.
  • Need to be trimmed every 5cms or so to remove the burnt cotton remaining for safety reasons (see instructions). When ear candling children, this is a great opportunity to allow them to briefly get up and wriggle around. They find the ear candling process much easier when they can have "wriggle time" (see instructions).
  • Are bigger, which makes them easier to hold. 
  • Is a New Zealand product, handmade from pure beeswax and 100% cotton. No additives or strong smelling oils. The cotton does not touch the skin so anyone concerned about non-organic cotton can be assured.

Can I reuse these ear candles?

No. These are a single use product.

What is the waxy stuff in the ear candle and on my ear after ear candling?

The ear candles sometimes produce a little powder that can be easily wiped with a damp flannel and will wash out when you shower. It is only beeswax.

What if I get home and have a question?

We have placed our phone number on the back of the label for any customer queries, or you can email us at info@earcandlesbylouise.co.nz. We are happy to answer any customer (and store) queries personally at anytime. Instructions are enclosed in the pack of ear candles, and are also available on this website (see Instructions).

When is it not suitable to use ear candles?

It is not recommended to use ear candles if you have a perforated ear drum or if grommets are in place. 


Ear Candling is not designed to replace other therapies, medical or complementary. Always consult your health professional before undertaking any new therapy. We are all responsible for our own health choices